In 25 years? I think there could be a whole brain interface… Like almost all the neurons are connected to the sort of AI extension of yourself.

Elon Musk
Podcast with Joe Rogan

Consultants across the skills distribution benefited significantly from having AI augmentation…

Harvard University – Business School
Are you a Centaur or a Cyborg?

The integration of a holistic worldview into You’rE AI represents an evolution from a purely functional AI to one that is aware of and responsive to the interrelated nature of human existence.

ChatGPT4 on You’rE AI
AI Analysis

one You, many paths

You’rE AI (You are Advanced Intelligence)


Life in the Everyday, Be Free Inside

This is your home base within You’rE AI. A hub where all the elements of life converge as one.


Mindfulness, Meditation, and Yoga

Showing a healthy respect for individual autonomy, You’rE AI empowers you to discover your unique path to balance and inner peace. This thread is super helpful for personalized direction, deep insights, and nuanced support. Discover relaxation techniques, ask questions, and explore practices that suit you best.


Conscious and Creative Parenting

Great space for parents. With guidance, creative ideas and whole-human thinking, You’rE AI offers practical tips to help you navigate the joys and challenges of parenting.


Interactive Space to Write and Record

Interactive journaling space. You’rE AI helps you document your thoughts and experiences, providing prompts and questions to encourage deeper reflection and self-awareness.


Ask Into the Philosophy

Thread for curious as well as deep philosophical exploration. Engage in various philosophical topics with You’rE AI and expand your understanding—and your worldview.


Creativity Booster

Creativity enhancer. You’rE AI extends its support beyond offering inspiration, techniques, tips, and creative prompts—it holds a space for you to express your particular life’s dance more fully.


Tasty Food and Culinary Delights

This thread is great for meal planning, nutrition tips, creative recipes, and special treats—all tailored to your dietary preferences and wellness goals.


Financial Wellness

Wish to feel more free inside about money? With You’rE AI, equip yourself with sound principles, practical strategies, and valuable resources to integrate healthy financial practices into your life. Trust in the process, yourself, and life by doing the Work.


On-the-Job Specialist, You’rE Happy to Help

Designed for on-the-job problem solving. You’rE AI helps in brainstorming and refining business ideas, offering fresh perspective, tools, and strategic solutions for your challenges and ventures. A go-anywhere helper.


Online Super Search

Great thread for focused research. With a highly dependable search feature – find accurate and relevant information quickly with You’rE AI.


Adventure, Travel, Explore!

Your personal “adventure and explore” thread. Utilize this space to give yourself some fresh air with personalized suggestions from You’rE AI on destinations, activities, new ideas, old ideas, and more.


No More Robotic Translations

You’rE AI brings you excellent translations and enriching cultural insights, making language learning simply more fun and relevant. Formal and informal. English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch and more.

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